2014年9月22日 星期一

住在民宿的日子--法國西部的石屋 Days at bnb – Stone farmhouse in West France

Mont St Michel 是法國其中一大景點,附近的酒店都是昂貴的星級酒店,我們在民宿網站上找稍為遠一點的鎮上住宿,也選擇不多。



入住這民宿共有三個套房在二樓,我們住了原來主人住的套房,他們倆暫住在停在旁邊的旅行車內。地下是大得可舉辦一個百人戶外婚禮的綠色草坪,很大的厨房和客廳,室內和戶外的風格也是我們喜愛的。總之是住在郊野,又有酒店般的享受,一切都很好; 我們和主人Jo&Jack的交流也很舒服,他們是非常健談的英國人,用英語交流的感覺非常好。


第二天的中午在家中休息時,隨手番了桌上的相簿,有了驚人的發現! 相簿放滿了一間破爛石屋的照片,雖然是破爛的,但我們馬上意識到這就是我們現在身處的地方







by: Jo

Mont St Michel is one of the most touristic attractions in France and all the nearby hotels are expensive.  We search for something on Airbnb and there aren’t many choices.

So, we decided to spend a bit more this time to live in a typical stone built farmhouse, typical style of West France.

When we were driving in France, we always love the stone built houses.  They have a very country side and historical feel.

The farmhouse has three en-suites in the second floor, we have taken the big room which the hosts used to live.  They temporarily moved to the caravan parked on the side.  In the ground floor, there is a huge grass field which can easily hold a hundred guests wedding banquet.  There is a huge kitchen and a big living room.  The exterior and interior are both tastefully decorated and we love the design and style.  You live in the countryside and at the same time is enjoying hotel standard environment.  We also had a good time chatting with Jo and Jack who are British.  As you know, felt good talking in English.

At this point, already felt that this bnb scores 100 points… but then, there is something else.

On our second day, we relaxed in the living room and I just casually picked up a photo album from the desk, and found something!  The album contains many photographs of a really broken stone house.  Although it was very old and broken, we immediately realized that this is where we are sitting right now...

Five years ago, Jo and Jack were tired of their lives in England, where they were both  working crazily to earn money.  They came here and bought this old and broken stone house for around HKD400k. The roof of the house was completed collapsed, there were two smaller houses at that time, including a cider manufacturing site and a stable.

They spent a few years to rebuild the whole house.  Most of the external stone walls have been torn down and rebuild into the beautiful house we see today.  We were so naive to think that the house has been always like this for all those years.  Mind you, they did not hire any workers, they were doing all these work themselves (and with some help from Jo’s dad) to give a new life to the house…

It’s not just the stone house itself, all the interiors are made by them.  Casting all the walls, the balcony, stairs, etc.  The wooden parts, including the flooring, the wooden doors, dining table, were all made here from scratch from tree trunks!  They had to cut the trunks, polish them and turn them into actual furniture!

As Hong Kong people, building our own house is far from reality.  Although we heard that due to high labour costs, many in the Western world build their own houses, I have never imagined something to this standard!

The story behind the house gives live to each column and beam.  We will gently touch the door and appreciate how much sweat and tear were there to make it!

We cannot stop saying how amazed we are, and Jo just said “well, if you want to do it, I guess you just will be able to do it!”

by: Jo